There’s a famous analogy about a frog dying a death in slowly boiling water, as it does not perceive the increases in temperature before it’s too late.

Essentially the water boils and the poor frog is fried.

According to Dr Karl this analogy might be misused by people like myself to spur people on to take action. He suggests we’re guilty of insulting the intelligence of frogs who may well be smart enough to pick that the rising temperature will kill them and make the leap before it’s too late.

I’ll stop with the bad puns now as Dr Karl has convinced me about the fiestiness of frogs.

But myth or not, the freddo factoid is a fitting analogy for how most of us approach taking action on changing jobs and in managing our careers.

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

We sit there in the security of a warm bath and neglect doing anything about our job satisfaction until circumstances force our hands. Those circumstances may be that our workload is unbearable, a terrible boss appears, there’s a restructure that’s not serving anyone or a job loss is on the cards.

The trouble is that this approach makes creating positive change longer and harder. [click to continue…]


Meet my Aunt.

A self-funded retiree, she is now well into her eighties and owns a $1.5 Million dollar house in an inner Melbourne suburb. From the outside her house looks only slightly messier than the other neat federation terraces in her street.

Inside, however, it’s a completely different story.

The house is dark and smells musty. The roof has leaks. Paint peels off the walls in every room. The lights have been out in the hall and her bedroom for years. She has no hot water, never fixing her heating unit, which broke down about 20 years ago.

The half-polished floor boards have long disappeared into semi-chaotic piles of invoices, newspaper clippings, direct mailers, ancient magazines, brochures and unidentifiable notes.

Photo by Jorge Lopez on Unsplash

My Aunt will tell anyone who’ll listen that she’s not like other Australians.

She insists she’s not a house proud like an “Australian housewife.”

Instead she’ll say she’s a thrifty Scot. [click to continue…]


Post image for 5 powerful questions to help you bring soul back to your career this Christmas.

Christmas brings an opportunity to slow down and reflect upon the real purpose of our life and work. The festive season reminds us that there is profound underpinning to our daily existence. That we are in fact part of a broader mystery that calls for us to explore the rich dimensions of our being.

As a career counsellor, I reflect on what it means to change careers. Is it to find a quick solution to secure another source of income that pays the bills? Or is it to slow down and ponder the deeper questions in life. [click to continue…]


Not many people know this, but many moons ago I did a degree in Land Surveying.

I was one of only 2 women in my final year.

I studied Surveying not because I wanted to break stereotypes, but because it never occurred to me that I could not do it.

What strikes me about writing this now, is that more than 20 years have passed. Yet things have not changed much, if at all.

While in Australia the number of women graduating from university has increased, and women now outnumber men as graduates, we are still severely under-represented in disciplines such as IT, architecture and engineering. [click to continue…]

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It could become all about how big your bot is.

I had a massive dilemma about what to call this post because technology and artificial intelligence and the techniques that some smarter recruiters are now using have moved a long way online since I first wrote this article for the Australian 7 years ago.

I thought about calling my post “how to get my AI bot talking to your AI bot” and went into a big fantasy thinking about how if recruiters are using bots to proactively search people across the web, match them to roles, and/or eliminate them, then why couldn’t someone looking for a job do the same thing?

Why not use your own bot to crawl the web and chat up recruiter’s bot?


Two paragraphs into this post and I am already on a tangent, so here’s where we’ll head now.

First I’ll give you insight into how people used to recruit (and many still do).

Then I’ll talk about what smarter recruiters are doing now. And how you can make the most of these trends to get yourself headhunted. [click to continue…]

Last week I was super excited to spend a day in what I can only describe as deep “nerdsville” –  the Sourcing Summit in Sydney.

For a number of years I have been banging on to people searching for jobs about how important it is to have a professional online presence that extends beyond LinkedIn, that showcases your broader talents and interests.

Coming away from the summit I am even more convinced about how important this is.

I named the summit “nerdsville” because it is all around how employers and recruiters are using the latest technology, tools and thinking to source hidden talent, and to do so faster.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re that talent – right?

Now imagine if you were aware of how people are looking for you AND you took the opportunity to help you be found.

Helping people find you could cut hours (or even days) off your job search.

Using some of the technology I discovered could help you cut even more.

I am officially excited, so stay tuned.