medical-specialty-interviewsDo you have a medical specialty interview coming up?

For the past 10 years Impressive Interview’s Deborah Barit has helped hundreds of professionals succeed through the extremely challenging process of medical specialty interviews.

Deborah is the only person in Australia with a real depth of experience training in this specialised area. She now has clients fly in to Australia just to see her for interview training.

Deborah has developed an exclusive interview training Master Class.

She has built this class specifically around the needs of visual learners.

It might seem strange that we’re talking about this. However this is a huge problem.

Visual learners really struggle in interview because they are not given any visual cue (for example, a question that is written down), to help them understand the questions. So an interview which is all based on verbal communication, leaves them struggling.

You may not know you are a visual learner.

You may just know that despite your best efforts, you flounder in interview. You might also find yourself preparing for interview like you would for an exam – that is memorising your interview answers.

(If you do try to memorise your answers in interview, your interviewer will actually know that you do this. Read this post if you need to know more about how.)

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end-of-the-resume-video-cvEverybody’s been talking about the demise of the resume for a long time now.

Then this popped into my inbox.

Is this pointing to the end of the paper based resume as we know it?

There’s quite a lot of debate about this.

Some people applaud the idea that it saves time from both ends.

Candidates can quickly video themselves and employers can essentially start screening interviews earlier on in the process.

Of course it raises issues of instant discrimination based on age/gender/appearance etc. And videos do favour the extroverted communicators of course.

What’s a real worry for me is that we are all such visual people.

We pay much more attention to how the message is packaged, than the content of the message. Then we make judgments about whether we believe that message.

To give you an example, I play one of the videos I developed for my app to a few LinkedIn workshops I deliver. The video shows a graduate answering the question “tell me about yourself.”

I ask workshop participants to focus on the detail of the applicant’s answer. Consistently the first feedback I receive is that she “looked” nervous and shifty, and does not sound confident. Check the video out here.

Only when I prompt people to think about what she actually says, do they discuss the detail.

The thing I find really interesting is I have had feedback that candidates are really reluctant to use a video – which is weird in the age of “selfies.”

If you’re in the market or in the market for candidates, I’d love your thoughts on this.




businessmanMeet Our New Career Change Expert

Two of the biggest career questions I get are:

1) I’d like to change my career, but don’t know where to start.

2) I do know what I want to do in my career, but how do I get my first opportunity?

As much as I’d like to, I can’t actually give you one easy answer to that.  I’d so like to, because if I could, I’d be one extremely rich woman.

Instead what I can do, is introduce you to our new Career Counsellor, Steven Solodky.

Steven talks career change tips on our latest podcast.

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linkedin-headlinesSo you’re pretty chuffed with your job title and like so many others have included it in your LinkedIn headline.

The truth is, to make the right first impression, you need more than a fancy job title (and good dress sense).

The highly valuable headline space is your opportunity to self-brand and stand out.

It may be the one thing that prompts people to click through when you come up in searches.

Think of your headline as prime real estate for your career.

Here’s our take on how to construct a clickable and compelling LinkedIn headline.

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priorityDeborah Barit, one of Australia’s best interview coaches, will be in Adelaide for her clients in the first week of December.

Deborah is Director of Impressive Interviews.

She is an author, consultant and trainer with over 10 years experience specialising in preparing candidates for job interviews.

The clients I have referred to Deborah for coaching, consistently report that she is professional and highly skilled.

Deborah’s clients range from management legal and graduates through to doctors, medical specialties, technical and public sector. She has achieved impressive results with a diverse range of people.

Deborah is running two group workshops -Tips for Interview Success.
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linkedinOne of my biggest takes after attending the #SOSUAU sourcing summit last week was just how important an online presence is.

We had some wonderful speakers who talked about the tools and technology they used to find hidden talent. (More on this in another blog post)

So if you’re passively or actively looking for a job, you simply cannot afford to ignore the power of LinkedIn.  There are now 5 million Australians on the site which represents over 80% of the professional population.

Here’s the thing though.

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