endorseIf you’re shy I’m sure you’d rather have teeth taken without anaesthetic than be caught showing off talking about yourself on LinkedIn.

I totally get that.

I am often quite shy myself.

In fact, one of the reasons I explored social media as a way of building my business, is that I really suck at cold calling.

I wanted people to come to me if they needed help, not chase them down and insist I was the answer to a problem they did not know they had.

The bad news is that if you feel awkward or introverted online, you are actually cutting off a strong source of job leads.

LinkedIn is now a weapon in most recruiters’ armoury for hunting down staff.

So if you’re an introvert or shy this post is specifically for you.

The examples I am about to provide come from real life LinkedIn profiles where people have won interest from recruiters and head hunters.

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easter flowerOk, true confessions time.

It’s late Easter Sunday and it took an Easter beach walk to give me the head space to upload this blog post.

The pic is of a flower I saw on my walk.

I uploaded it just because I can.

A few weeks back I had the amazingly exciting experience of being invited to join the facilitation team for one of  Mashable’s tweet chat’s #BizChats.

With 21 million social followers, Mashable’s audience is UBER.

Here’s the stellar team of interview and career experts who joined me.

Heath Lehman: CIO, Author, Speaker, Career Expert, the CIO of qbot.com and CoFounder Esume.com.

Kate White: New York Times bestselling mystery author, career expert, motivational speaker, rule breaker and former Editor in Chief at US Cosmopolitan – visit her site here: www.katewhitespeaks.com.

Kevin Kermes: Founder of All Things Career;  He writes for more than 290K  susbscribers weekly @everyveteranhired &@careerattract.

Meghan M. Biro: CEO of  www.talentculture.com and Contributor to @EntMagazine@Forbes @HuffingtonPost.

Susan Joyce: Online job search expert and president of netAbility, Inc.

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pathwayHave you ever met anyone who’s got their act together when it comes to loving their job?

I’ve met very few.

Most people go through life spending Sunday dreading Monday.

What a waste of a weekend, I say!

You do know you can actually love what you do.

I know for myself making a change out of the corporate world to running my own business was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Working on something that I love made me realise just how supressed I was in an environment I was not suited to, and a job that had no purpose.

For me it was not easy to leave the job that I loathed, as I had no idea what I should do next.

I did quite a bit of freelance consulting work and experimentation to finally find my feet. I wrote for newspapers, worked in recruitment consulting and contract roles and even applied for a few permanent roles again.

Looking back at that time I wish I had found Steve. He’s a career counsellor/coach and Founder of Career on the Road. (You’ll have seen quite a few of his blogs on this site.) [click to continue…]


If you’re looking for Tuesday night’s ABC radio podcast on how to get a job on LinkedIn, here it is.

Click this link here to get straight to the ABC site to access the podcast. (It opens a file on your computer).

Or you can find it here for the next month or so. (“Your Employment Profile”: Podcast dated the 24/2/2015)

I had the very great pleasure of appearing on the Tony Delroy show, with my friend and long term partner in crime, Bronwyn Murphy.

Bronwyn is an experienced recruitment manager, trainer and operations manager. You can find her on LinkedIn here.

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job-offerHave you ever wondered why some people attract job offers from LinkedIn, and you do not?

Good news is here! Help is at hand.

There are some simple things you can do right now, to attract recruiters, head hunters and employers to your LinkedIn profile.

These are all proven tactics my clients have used to find jobs using LinkedIn.

So, I want you to read every word of this post, and try what I am about to tell you.

Here are the 5 things that will help your LinkedIn profile do the hard work for you. [click to continue…]


Hello IIQers,

seven-deadly-sins-of-job-interviewsWe have a very special offer for anyone who is looking to change jobs this year.

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(I know, I know – too many “F’s” in the one sentence, but I can live with that)

The book is by Interview IQ’s favourite interview coach, the lovely Deborah Barit.

Deb is Founder of Impressive Interviews.

She has more than 10 year’s experience training people to succeed in interview (some who have thought they’d never succeed in getting a job).

To get the book, simply click on this link and answer 4 simple questions about your job search.

This research will help us help you in the coming months. So go crazy with the detail.

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Hope you enjoy it.