frustrationOne of the challenges I’ve experienced in running my business is keeping healthy boundaries in my life.

There’s always something for me to do, and no matter how much great help, support and advice I’ve received, generally nobody cares about the business quite as much as I do. So I always find myself putting in long hours.

I’m not complaining here, mind you.

I  love being completely accountable for something. But for me, 3 years ago, that intensity manifested in a couple of really frightening panic attacks.

This is not an experience I’m keen to repeat. My heart started to race out of control and I truly believed I was not going to be able to take another breath.

That time has passed – thank heaven.

However the experience led me down a path of making some big personal changes in my life and to make a dedicated effort to look after my physical and mental health more.

I see many stress symptoms in my clients as well.

That can be anything from focusing only on the negative when talking about their jobs, thinking that they’re locked into one career because it seems to hard to make a shift, or finding the thought of having to sell themselves in interview too overwhelming.

Stress is proven to stifle innovation.

So, if what I’ve said strikes a chord with you, or if you’re worried about how stress is impacting your work and life, click here to listen to my latest podcast with Career and Leadership Coach, Michael Norton. [click to continue…]


doctorsIf you have a medical specialty interview coming up and you need to train to get into the best possible shape, then read on.

InterviewIQ’s preferred interview trainer, Deborah Barit, is running face to face interview training master classes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In my mind Deborah is one of Australia’s best interview trainers. I have no hesitation about referring people to her, particularly people who struggle to sell themselves in interview.

She’s had over 10 years’ experience training a range of specialists and has helped some of Sydney’s top medical professionals.

Some of her interview trainees have topped the state in results.

People specifically fly in to see her. [click to continue…]

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Thank you Tracey Henderson!

by K B on February 29, 2016

Melbourne Cafe Home of InterviewIQLast week I had the delightful experience of being interviewed by the engaging and entertaining Tracey Henderson.

Tracey runs Curious Interested, which is a coaching service for both individuals and organisations, helping them get unstuck.

I was honoured to be featured on her blog as someone who loves their work.

If you’re curious in any way about the origins of InterviewIQ and where we are headed for the future check the post out here.

And as for the picture on the right here?

I’m a big believer that flexibility inspires creativity, so sometimes you’ll find me in a cafe like this in Melbourne plotting world domination :-) [click to continue…]


photo (62)How to get a job in Australia with no local experience

One of the things that lures people to Australia is our lovely lifestyle and sunny shores.

Something like this picture here.

However it can be tough to land a great first gig here if you have “no local experience.”

I have been helping many skilled migrants and writing on this topic for many years now, including at one stage half joking that Bill Gates couldn’t get a job here without local experience.

I have said several times publicly, that we’re in a global world and this is not as big an issue as everyone thinks.

However if you’re looking for a job, and you are new to Australia, there are things you need to be aware of – that can get in the way of your success.

So, now I’m delighted to be presenting the first of a seminar series helping skilled migrants who are members of the ACCA, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

The Association is the world’s leading body for professional accountants. See more here.

Find out more about this exciting event here.

The event is open to members and non members, however the content will be tailored to the needs of the accounting profession.

Date: Tuesday 8th March

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm (registration 5:45pm)


Hall Chadwick Offices
Level 40
2 Park St
Sydney, 2000

Find out more about this exciting event here.

PS: We’re also running a webinar for interstate people, the next day.

Stay tuned for registration details.


photo (60)Many people say that the only constant is change, but I disagree!

When it comes to career or organisational change, it seems the one constant in change is how hard it is to make it happen.

I know for myself and for many of my clients that a big part of deciding to make change seems to be procrastination, rumination and idea gestation, until at some point you say – enough is enough!

I have always been curious about why this happens.

So when I got talking to Sue Webster, an industry colleague of mine, and she mentioned this is a specialisation of hers, I asked her to contribute this post.

Sue runs a business helping clients and organisations navigate the process of change. Check out her website here.

Enough of me now, I’ll hand you over to Sue. [click to continue…]


photo (57)The tree will look something like this photo on the right.

Have a wonderful Christmas break.

Thank you for your support during the year.

It truly has been awe inspiring.

I hope you all will emerge refreshed like I will.

All the very best,

Karalyn Brown

Founder, & Chief Snoozer.