10740233_sFrom time to time I get called upon to be the “candidate whisperer” when I talk to recruiters and employers about job hunters’ experience.

I actually wish more people would ask me, as I am a little bit over hearing how hard it is to find good talent.

I don’t honestly think there is a real talent shortage in many areas.

I think there are recruitment process deficiencies.

I think there are ill defined role descriptions that have a lot of woolly language and weasel words.

I think often employers do not really identify what it takes to succeed within organisations, or the skills they really require.

I think there’s a funny fixation on years of experience required for a role, yet many organisations will hire people internally into jobs they’ve never done before – based on the fact that this person has demonstrated transferable skills. [click to continue…]


sonia kokkalosOne of my friends and professional colleagues, Sonia Kokkalos  has a wonderful opportunity for a part time Payroll Adviser, based at either Cheltenham or Clifton Hill.

Sonia is a Partner for an outsourced payroll and HR consultancy PAYplusHR.

This is her picture here. Read about her here and here, and some of her thoughts on the future of recruiting here.

Why is this opportunity wonderful?

Well, apart from offering flexible, family friendly or school based hours, you get the opportunity to make your mark.

This is a new role in a new team.

The company is growing rapidly and has exciting plans for expansion. The Directors are really busy and want someone who can contribute ideas to improve processes, services and client relationships.

They also want someone who enjoys variety, interacting with people and who likes to take full ownership of any issues that come up.

On a daily basis this is what you’ll be doing:

  • Managing and processing payroll for the client base.  This includes applying your knowledge of month and year end, superannuation, reconciliations, general ledger, payroll tax and terminations.
  • Taking the lead in payroll implementations for new clients as they come on board.
  • Helping payroll processing and implementation procedures to ensure service excellence.
  • Providing payroll mentoring and training to other PAY plus HR Advisers in their delivery of service to clients.

This is one of those jobs that will start off as payroll, and as the company gets bigger so will the opportunity to expand your strengths and skills.

So if you have previous experience managing a busy payroll and are looking for something to slot back into coming back into the workforce, or simply wanting something with more family friendly hours – this is the job for you.

Send me an email to karalyn@interviewiq.com.au if you think this might be you.

PS: Sonia has a long background in HR management, consulting and management, so in terms of support, you’ll learn a lot, and won’t be left on your own.


39653549_sThe very first article I ever wrote for the Australian was called  “What interviews foretell?”

I really enjoyed my gig as a freelance journalist, as I got to interview experts on topics I was curious about.

I tried to dig deep and be balanced in the argument I was presenting.

This article was on whether the professionalism of the recruitment process was a predictor of the experience you would have with that particular employer.

The answer I determined, was that there was no real correlation.

So if you had a bad interview, this did not mean that much.

Which leads me to the point of this blog post. [click to continue…]

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13319232_sOK, so I started this challenge to see the benefits regular blogging brings to me, my business and my network.

According to Seth Godin a good business practice is to blog every day.

Apparently the process will make me more creative as I’ll be constantly thinking of new and useful things to blog about.

There’s also the benefit of better Google rankings from producing regular fresh content.

Plus the act of sharing brings me more support from my network.

I’ve been more interested in understanding whether I can commit to the discipline of blogging. As I tend to come up with ideas in a fairly random fashion.

So what have I found? [click to continue…]


4112168_sI’ve said it before on this blog, and no doubt I’ll say it again –  most advertisements I read are TERRIBLE.

I see many clients struggle to know how to respond to what’s required, or end up responding to the wrong jobs.

So if you’re looking for a role, and finding it difficult to understand what the role is really about, here are my favourite questions to put to the recruiter. [click to continue…]


44972409_sAre you in recruiting and looking to keep updated with the latest trends and technologies?

We’re in such a fast paced environment nowadays, it’s difficult to keep up.

If that’s you, then I suggest you get to #SOSUAU.

#SOSU, the Sourcing Summit, started in Sydney in 2011 and is now held annually in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

The event brings together sourcing practitioners to network and learn from each other, focuses on hands-on learning and encompasses a range of learning and training formats.

It’s on the 4th of August 2016, in Sydney. [click to continue…]