photo (54)If you’re reading this post, you might think I sound a little harsh with what I have just said.

But think of me as coming from the place of someone who loves you and wants to help you.  :-)

Having recently shifted base to Melbourne, I’ve been looking on LinkedIn to connect with local HR professionals who are interested in creating a better world of work.

To be honest I’ve been a bit saddened by the sorry state of many of the LinkedIn profiles I’ve read.

Please don’t run me out of town after reading this. But I would go as far as to say what most HR professionals write, actually does them no good at all.

Here’s a sample of some online crimes that have left me scratching my head. [click to continue…]


hidingI’ve been meaning to talk about this for a long time.

I truly believe there’s lack of self-belief that people show on LinkedIn that gets in the way of their success.

What do I mean by this?

Many many times I see people start their profile summaries on LinkedIn like this:

“Experienced executive with a background….”

“Fascinated by….”

“Managed teams…..”

So, what’s wrong with this I hear you ask?

Well, I think it gives mixed messages. [click to continue…]


How to find a job in Australia with no local experienceWe’re baaaaaaaack!

Based on our successful series last year, we’re running these webinars again.

If you’re new (or newish) to Australia and struggling to find a job, I strongly suggest you watch this webinar next Wednesday, June 10 at 8.00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Naishadh Gadani is presenting this webinar. He is the only career marketing expert in Australia who has been a skilled migrant himself.

Click here >>>> to register for 5 super smart job search hacks for skilled migrants! [click to continue…]


endorseTwo new updates and exciting updates on the InterviewIQ front this week, and both around LinkedIn.

I am now delivering LinkedIn workshops to RMIT as part of a drive to increase employability skills among undergraduates and graduates.

This will be a series of workshops over the next few months.

So stay tuned for updates.

I am also in Sydney next week delivering LinkedIn training to newly arrived job seekers. This is part of the AMES Skillmax program. This is a terrific program and has a high success rate. [click to continue…]


Bali Bagus and Good Bye Bali

by K B on May 20, 2015

photo (42)I am back in not so sunny Melbourne, feeling slightly depressed about all the grey skies and chilly air.

I’m now on the normal number 0439 595 687 and the usual

I had a fabulous time and wanted to do a quick public shout out to a few people who made my trip tops.

Firstly, if you’re looking for a trip to India, or you’re a yoga teacher wanting to organise a retreat, I suggest you contact the lovely Meredith Wilks from Tiwari Travel.

Check out her websites for India tours and Yoga retreats. [click to continue…]


InterviewIQ says “Bali hi”

by K B on May 11, 2015

bali rice fieldsWell, I finally achieved one of the biggest goals I had when I set up my business – that being to work any place, any time and anywhere there’s half a decent internet connection.

Now I’m here.

I decided to say goodbye to the early start of Melbourne’s chilly winter and head across to Bali to work here for a few weeks.

So this update proudly comes from the sunny Sandat Homestay in Ubud, Bali.

It’s a cute little place.

Imagine a setting somewhere between the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, meets the Melrose Place apartment layout of the 80’s.

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