all-devicesWell, Naishadh and I had a great deal of fun last night presenting the webinar “5 super smart job search hacks for skilled migrants.”

The audience gave us lots of great questions.

I’ll be answering these on the blog in the next few weeks.

For those of you who couldn’t attend, here’s the replay.

It’s almost 60 minutes of pure goodness.

Please watch and enjoy.

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Meet James Evangelidis – LinkedIn’s Most Connected Australian Man

james picRecently I had the pleasure of interviewing a very good friend of mine, James Evangelidis.

James is a published author, successful headhunter and self-employed consultant to the accounting and professional services sectors – AND, as you may have guessed by the headline, he’s Australia’s most connected man on LinkedIn.

I get hundreds of questions on how to use LinkedIn for job hunting purposes, including whether you can approach employers directly for a role.

James successfully uses LinkedIn for securing employment and consulting services, promoting others through his books and sourcing staff.

So I thought it would benefit y’all if I picked his brains on your behalf.  

Read on to get access to the podcast….

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Are you looking for a job in Australia?


IPAD-size-imageOne of the biggest barriers people who are new to Australia face when they look for a job, is that they keep getting told they can’t get a job with “no local” experience.

We’re in a global employment market place and this line is actually a big load of old rot.

The really sad fact is that most people believe it.

They believe it because recruitment consultants feed them that line.

The truth is a whole lot different.

If you’re looking for a job in Australia, you do need to think differently than follow the existing route, which is just apply to online job boards.

So to help you find a job in Australia, I am hosting a FREE webinar next  Thursday 24/7 at 8pm Eastern Standard time in Australia. Click HERE to register.

It’s part of my NEW job search hacks program where I  help people tackle the toughest issues they come up against when looking for jobs.

>>> Click HERE to register.

How to find a job in Australia with no local experience


You’ll learn 5 NEW ways to hack the Australian job market.

It’s hosted by me, and featuring a very good friend of mine, Naishadh Gadani.

Naishadh is a career marketing expert. He is unlike other careers experts like me, who just talk about this stuff.  Naishadh has actually (and very creatively) overcome this barrier himself. Read his full story here.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

- find Australian jobs with “no local experience”
- set up your resume to pass the 10 seconds scan test by Australian recruiters
- build up a strong local network to help you find HIDDEN jobs that are not advertised
- market yourself  better on LinkedIn and online in social media in a powerful and genuine way to help jobs come to you

We give you practical examples you can immediately apply to your own individual situation.

At the end of the webinar, Naishadh will be opening up enrolments to his hack the Australian job market intensive course. It’s a great course. He’s achieved an 81% success rate getting people into work.

Click here to find out more and register.

Please forward this post if you know other people who will benefit.

Come and join us. I’d really love to meet you on the webinar.

I know you’ll find it useful.

Karalyn Brown


One more thing that sets me RANTING is when I see people use third person on their LinkedIn profile.

I know a lot of career marketers talk about this, but it seems not many people are listening.

How do I know this?

Last year I did a deep dive into 200 profiles. I found that that 80% of people in this sample were guilty of this crime.

If you’re not sure what I mean by third person, take a read of this snippet from a summary section.
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frustrationOne of the things that I find consistently annoying is how fixated people seem to be on applying for a job online.

To be honest though, I am not that surprised.

Over the last 10 years, online job boards have spent big bucks getting you to think that it’s the fastest and easiest to find work.

The truth however is really really different.

Applying for a job and relying on online boards as your main marketing channel, can be one of the loneliest and most frustrating paths to take.

So for my own grey hairs and sanity, I’d like to change the way people look for work – starting with some solid facts about what’s going on behind the scenes that makes it so difficult to find a job this way.

Along the way I’ll give you some ideas about how to do things differently.
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hidden-job-search-gemsIf you’re looking for a job and feeling daunted about where to start, then please read on.

There are heaps of online tools to make your research more efficient.

Today’s guest post is from Vikki Bell, the Founder of Bellinform Research.

I met Vikki over a coffee and a mutual interest in LinkedIn a few months ago.

When she told me that she trains people on making the most of LinkedIn as a research tool; AND that she works with people going through outplacement to help them refine their job research techniques, I got a little excited.

So I asked her to share her expertise with InterviewIQ readers.

Here are her tips on advanced job research techniques, that will help you uncover hidden gems.
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