If you’re thinking about how to find your next role then you’ll need to read this.

Did you know that in 2008 only 5% of the Australian working population found a role through a recruitment agency?

Yes, you read that correctly – only 5%.

In fact, fewer and fewer people are finding work this way.

Most people don’t know that the odds are stacked against them when they look for jobs in the traditional way. They start sending off resumes and end up wondering why nothing happens.

Then they get frustrated and end up giving up.

We don’t like to see that.

The good news is that there are lots of roles out there. Your perfect position may just be an idea in an employer’s mind. The challenge is how to find these, then create a compelling argument to hire you.

InterviewIQ is about helping talented people like you, find, or create, their next opportunity.

We offer consultants, resources and a community of support to help you tackle the hard bits of your job search.

Here’s a sample of the help we offer:

  • How to find a role when you really don’t where to start
  • How to reach out to people you don’t know to uncover opportunities
  • What to say when you only have a few seconds to impress someone who might hire you or refer you
  • Finding roles that match your values
  • What it really takes to impress people in meetings and interviews
  • How to set up a network that sustains you throughout your career and helps you create opportunities
  • Creating a compelling online, social and digital presence that helps you be found and stand out (in the right way of course).

We don’t talk fluffy theory. We provide real life examples, facts , proven strategies and ideas you can apply to your own life.

Join our community.