Podcast – how to manage your relationships with recruitment consultants

by K B , updated on March 26, 2012

Ok, here’s my very first podcast. Now I know people have been podding since about 2005 or so, but hey – better late than never. Today I would like to present a very good friend of mine, Ms Bronwyn Murphy. Bronnie and I go waaaay back to a time where we sat next to each other at Smalls Recruiting.

Bronwyn gave me an award and a bathing cap with a shark on it – “the sink or swim award” as I stepped into a desk where the previous occupant had left in a rush due to an accident. There were no notes, no nothing. I think I swam, thanks to her encouragement and support.

Bronwyn now runs www.bjmconsulting.com.au, a firm specialising in training, retaining and engaging staff.

Many of Bronwyn’s clients are recruiters and recruitment consultants. She gives us the rundown on what the industry looks like, and how to manage your relationship with consultants.

I’ve hit her up with some hard questions including:

– overcoming roadblocks such as “no local experience”

– how you can tell whether you are in the hands of a professional consultant

– how many consultants should you meet

– what makes them pick up the phone

– how many resumes should you send out

– what are they really looking for in a telephone interview

– should you accept a telephone interview on the spot

– should you tell them if you have been sacked

– how you can annoy your recruitment consultant

So here it is: Interview IQ interview with Bronwyn Murphy. All feedback gratefully accepted.

If you know anyone who would make an interesting interview, please let me know.


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talent (@elevatorrecruit) March 21, 2012 at 7:30 am

Listen. How to manage your relationships with recruitment consultants (Podcast) http://t.co/b291S8yC

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