Instead of being noisy, could your personal brand be simply about being quiet?

by K B , updated on June 15, 2016

photo (91)I’ve read so much about the benefits of mindfulness and being present lately. But disappointingly much of the discussion seems to be about the benefit for the individual.

Those benefits are all around slowing down and reducing stress.

But what would happen if we practiced that act of mindfulness with someone else?

So when they started to talk, we stilled our minds, and focused on nothing else but trying to understand them.

No interruptions.

No finishing sentences.

No judgments.

No thinking of how we’re going to respond.

We simply shut up and let the other person express themselves in whatever way they needed to, until they needed to finish.

We seem to be in a society where we always need to be heard.

We’re always talking about the need to have a personal brand, with the implication that this about being noticed and remembered.

Yet I always remember people who hold a space for me to be heard, as it’s so very rare nowadays.

Perhaps in all our talk on branding should really simply focus on how we can be generous, hold the space for others, and be remembered for allowing others to feel comfortable, express and de-stress.


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