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by Richard , updated on September 10, 2012

Kool       Kwerky     Kwestioning . . . . . we’ve found the best of the best for you.

Stephan Wiedner has written a blog packed with useful information on how to Help Yourself By Helping Get Your Friends Jobs First, including some interesting links.  Stephan contends that it will help you see things from the employer’s perspective, increase your network of contacts and get you out of your heads pace to give you some much needed perspective.  I think he might be onto something!  You can follow Stephan and other life coaches on Twitter @noomii.

Who knew 50 cent was providing life and job success advice these days but Brian Batchelder does and passes it on in 50 Cent Wants you to be a Fearless Job Seeker. Some cold hard home truths here some of which you may not want but probably need to hear. You can follow Brian on Twitter @B_Batchelder.

On Jessica Merrell’s Blogging4 Jobs, Raeanne Thorn reminds us in There are no Do-Overs in Life what a negative (and positive) impact our thoughts can have when we’re faced with failure in life and work.  She implores us to be alert to opportunity and go for it!  You can follow Raeanne on Twitter @ray_anne and Jessica @blogging4jobs.

I know, Iknow, this blog dates back to 2009 but I’ve included it because I think it answers How to Answer the Weakness Interview Question much better than most!  What I like about Scot Herrick’s approach is that he addresses all the common (and in my opinion somewhat dubious) suggestions that your friends and professional recruiters might give you, before he gives some damn good advice on a much better response.  You can follow Scot on Twitter @CubeRules.

In The Effectiveness of Relationships, Bonnie Titgemeyer provides a compelling personal example of social media’s career impact when you fully engage with it.  Bonnie has also blogged about her 10 day experiment to massively increase her Twitter engagement, so check it out at The Engagement Project.  You can follow Bonnie on Twitter @bonnitoronto.



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Undercover Recruiter (@UndercoverRec) (@UndercoverRec) February 5, 2012 at 10:33 pm

New @InterviewIQ Blog Spotter Five

eJean1981 March 23, 2012 at 6:47 am

Although interviewers persist in using it, I’ve always thought the “greatest weakness” question was inane. Who on earth is going to admit to a real weakness? And how many of are really perfectionists in every area of life?

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