5 powerful questions to help you bring soul back to your career this Christmas.

by Daniel Solodky , updated on December 3, 2017

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Christmas brings an opportunity to slow down and reflect upon the real purpose of our life and work. The festive season reminds us that there is profound underpinning to our daily existence. That we are in fact part of a broader mystery that calls for us to explore the rich dimensions of our being.

As a career counsellor, I reflect on what it means to change careers. Is it to find a quick solution to secure another source of income that pays the bills? Or is it to slow down and ponder the deeper questions in life.

I have found these five questions to be extremely useful as a kick start to that exploration:

    1. What is meaningful in my life?
    2. What makes me feel alive?
    3. What does my soul desire right now at my deepest core?
    4. What am I craving to experience in life?
    5. What part of me feels sad that I am missing out on something in life?

I’ve come to learn that real and satisfying career change comes from being okay with not finding an answer right away. As Thomas Moore (author of the New York Times Best Selling book ‘Care of the Soul’) would say, to be okay with not knowing and being open to where this journey may take you.

I’ve noticed that clients who experience the most profound life change take time to ponder what brings them the most meaning in their work. Something that gets them out of bed in the morning, knowing that their day will be enjoyable and personally satisfying.

And so as we approach Christmas, I would like to invite you to slow down and pay attention to what your soul needs right now. And paradoxically, being okay with not knowing, by staying open to the life-changing journey that unfolds as you connect within and notice what your soul genuinely craves.

Don’t be so quick to find an answer. Rather, deeply ponder these questions and remain in that space of not knowing. See what emerges from the unknown as you drop directly into the mystery of your life and your soul.

If you know someone feeling lost in their career right now, feel free to share this article. We all need a reminder every now and again that we are in fact worthy of a satisfying career.

Daniel Solodky

Daniel is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist who helps people work through career confusion, depression, stress and anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, relationship difficulties, life crisis, addiction, boundary setting and managing employer expectations. To find out more about Daniel click here.

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