What legacy do you want to leave, when you leave your current role?

by K B , updated on May 30, 2016

23884911_sI saw a wonderful documentary launch recently called Seven Women.

It was about the work of Stephanie Woollard (and her amazing team).

Stephanie began a grass roots development project in Nepal in 2007. She aimed to create change for seven women who were found operating out of a tin shed and enduring harsh discrimination as a result of being disabled.

Stephanie first met these women and invested in training in the hope that gaining a skill would give them a means to earn an income.

The project is funded through the sale of the women’s hand-made products.

They’ve now established four centres in Nepal which have trained and employed over 900 women.

I love hearing these stories about how one person can start a tribe (in Seth Godin’s words), and that all you need to start a tribe is something you’re passionate about changing and a means to share the message to empower other engaged people to take up the idea.

The thing that really got me thinking with the documentary launch were the words of the MC.

She spoke about the idea of asking yourself, what legacy would you like to leave?

If you disappeared today, would you be remembered?

What would people say about your work?

People make mistake that thinking to lead a movement in business or in life, you need to have charisma.

But charisma is given to people once they step up and lead and do things that they’re really passionate about, and who make what they do about other people, not themselves.

That’s a legacy that’s achievable for most people I think.

If Stephanie (with limited prior experience) can start a movement, not long out of university, what could you do with all of the wonderful experience you’ve gained?

Here’s where you can donate to this wonderful project.


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