(Video) Blog Spotter Ten

by Richard , updated on November 24, 2012

Its still Kool, a bit Kwerky and Kwestioning . . . . . and it’s back!!!

Calm down, it's a new Blog Spotter not the Grand Final!

But in a slightly different format because it’s all vids this time!

We’re all very conscious that there’s some pretty serious global issues affecting the world’s job markets.  And now even here in Australia we’re feeling the pinch more than before.

Here at InterviewIQ HQ we’ll continue to endeavor to address those important issues with you.

But as you know we also like to mix things up a bit at InterviewIQ.

I think  becoming too earnest and serious can cause us to lose some perspective.

A good way to guard against this is to:

  • remember to laugh at the funny side of the job hunt,
  • to realise that there’s always people worse off than us and
  • that global trends can now change our career options in a mere blink of an eye.

To that end I’ve collected a series of videos for you to watch as a reminder.

So sit back, relax and enjoy!


Don’t you just hate all those “trick” questions you get asked by some interviewers?  They think they’re being so cleaver……..  well they’re not a patch on this guy!


In one of my roles, I visit a worksite where there are signs in the foyer to “hold the handrail” when ascending and descending the wide, sweeping double staircase to the upper floor.  The front receptionist even shouts out in a berating tone to, “hold the handrail!”. . . . . . really? . . . . . hold the handrail? . . . . . really? I think she needs to watch this vid of a Transmission Tower Worker.

Now that’s real, actual risk people!


As the economy flattens out the number of job applicants for every vacancy is increasing.  Here’s hoping we don’t ever get down and dirty like these guys.


In this challenging job market it pays to reflect on the fact that there are many jobs and even entire industries that didn’t even exist 10 years ago.  In fact I’m doing one of them right now!  Here’s 10 Jobs that Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago.


I know it’s tough out there in the job market, but spare a thought for people who work in jobs where their customers are rarely ever happy to see them.  Say, like airport security staff.

Hell I think they deserve to be allowed a fair bit of latitude to find amusing ways to get through their working day.  Especially when they’re confronted by customers copping an attitude, like this woman working at an American airport!


Ever been involved in a panel interview where you suspect you’ve really won them over, except for one person?  Well I think this vid of a “negative” interview panel might just take that circumstance to its logical conclusion.


So what do you think?   Do these vids change your mood or perspective at all? Let us know.


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Undercover Recruiter (@UndercoverRec) (@UndercoverRec) November 24, 2012 at 6:24 am

New @InterviewIQ (Video) Blog Spotter Ten http://t.co/F6uNt3L8

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