Six new reasons to use LinkedIn

by K B , updated on April 17, 2011

LinkedIn has more than 60 million users worldwide. That fits the bill of scarily big to me. That’s a population size roughly three times the size of Australia, twice the size of Canada, 14 times the size of New Zealand and71 times the size of Fiji. In fact LinkedIn is now clocking in around the size of the UK, if not bigger.

I present you these numbers because I do like to lecture people. I like to think I am quite good at it 🙂 , although some unkind people have called it nagging. I am kindly going to spare you that this post and just present you a sample of results from one LinkedIn profile.  I have changed the names to protect the innocent. But here’s what happened to a friend of mine after being on LinkedIn for a week, or so…..

Hi John

I found your profile on LinkedIn. We are currently looking for a Level 2 help desk support role for an insurance client in Singapore. Could you let me know if this appeals? Please email me for further discussion.



Your LinkedIn profile has been viewed by 5 people in the last 7 days, including:

  • Someone in the Executive Leadership function in the Human Resources industry from Sydney Area, Australia
  • Executive at Softenger Singapore Pte. Ltd
  • Domain Specialist at Telstra
  • Someone in the Consulting function in the Staffing and Recruiting industry from Melbourne Area, Australia
  • Someone in the Science And Research function in the Mining & Metals industry from Bendigo Area, Australia

I am not going to point you to his LinkedIn profile, which needs a good tidy up. Have a think about this, though. If a bad LinkedIn profile can score some good viewings and a phone call or two, plus an international job discussion, imagine what a well thought out one can do.


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RT @InterviewIQ: How LinkedIn can instantly speed up your job hunt

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How LinkedIn can instantly speed up your job hunt

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