[Podcast] The transformation paradox….Why is it the harder you try, the harder it is to change?

by K B , updated on May 20, 2016

photo (70)Many people talk to me when they’re feeling lost in life, and seeking more meaning and purpose with what they choose to do as a career.

If you’re like me the harder you try to force change, the harder it can be to make a move.

So I’m pleased to present a friend and professional colleague of mine, Daniel Solodky.

Daniel runs www.buddhainasuitcase.com.

He speaks from the insight of someone who’s gone through a transformation of his own.

He’s gone from working in HR to career counselling, and now going deeper into the change process with clients as a Transpersonal and Nondual Psychotherapist.

Change is really hard.

I’ve never been a subscriber to the belief that you can transform your life in seven simple steps.

So in this podcast we talk honestly, personally and realistically on:

  • signs you may be stuck (and don’t know it)
  • what you might experience when you try to make a change
  • why it’s often so painful to make change
  • practical strategies to help you make change
  • how to ask for support from family and friends when you want to make a change

And a whole lot more.

I learned such a lot interviewing Daniel, click here to listen.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it.


PS: As part of Daniel being authentic, he asked me to call him by the name he prefers – which is Daniel, not Steven as previously shown on the blog.

I completely get that.

I’m also known by various versions of my name (mostly repeatable), to different people in my life.

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