meet-upWhen you’re looking for a job it’s easy to lose yourself in the stress of it all.

When you’re stressed I think you lose the creative part of your brain, that helps you think of new ideas that might help you with your predicament.

Which is why I’m here…to rescue you.

Actually I’m not here to rescue you.

I can’t make anything happen for you.

I can however, give you ideas that can help.

I have been doing a few Meet-Ups lately, both for business and fun.  I love them, as you can find a Meet-Up for any sort of hobby you may have.

I’ve met some really inspiring and vibrant people, particularly the organizers of the groups. They’re the type of people who have an interest and draw people around them who have similar interests. [click to continue…]


photo (83)This weekend if the weather forces me indoors (and even if it doesn’t) I’m planning on setting up a meet up group specifically for people who support people through career change.

I find that my clients often need a lot more help than a simple CV or resume. They also often come to me for advice or help that extends far beyond my level of expertise.

So I’m setting up a group to connect up with people who do the following:

  • offer psychological counselling services around job loss or transition
  • support people to make changes in their live, for example professional development/life coaches
  • provide career counselling services
  • resume and LinkedIn profile writing services
  • offer interview training
  • help seasoned professionals get started in consulting
  • train people on public speaking
  • provide training courses on searching for a job
  • find or place people into jobs

I think the work we do is under rated for how challenging it actually is.

I also see how hard it is for people to make positive changes in their lives.

The aim of this group will be to share ideas and support best practice in helping people make the most of themselves and their careers. [click to continue…]


50276807_sI’ve written quite a few times (well maybe more than a few times) on what job seekers should look for in a recruitment consultant. But I’ve not talked about what employers should expect from their side of the recruitment desk.

If you’re an employer looking for a recruiter (either internal or external) to work for your business, what skills should you look for?

Having recruited both internally and externally, built up a significant pipeline of job seekers via social media, and helped hundreds of people market themselves to find jobs, I think I’m qualified to have my say on the topic.

Given we’re in a global sourcing environment, with instant access to time saving technology, here is a list, in no particular order, of skills you might want to consider in your recruiter. [click to continue…]


1525924_sI am writing this post knowing full well it may just backfire on me.

That’s because if you pick up on what I am saying, I might be out of a job.

When I write resumes and LinkedIn profiles, I spend a great deal of time turning my client’s mindset around from thinking about what they’ve done, to expressing this in terms of the impact they’ve made.

What do I mean by this?

This here below is a responsibility, I may typically see written on an Accountant’s resume.

  • Month-end reporting and month-end account closing procedures

Yes, yes it’s a bit ho hum.

This statement pretty much reads the same as every other Accountant doing the same thing. [click to continue…]


Why it’s more than time for name blind CVs!

by K B , updated on June 7, 2016

5744705_sAs someone who has helped many skilled migrants find jobs here, I get dispirited when I’m asked questions such as “should I change my name on my CV?”

I’ve wished I had an easy answer to give.

Our names form a strong part of our identity.

So why the hell should you change that when you look for a job?

I used to say to people that you don’t want to work for people who judge you on the basis of your name.

But I now realise that what’s worse than conscious bias, is the unconscious bias that we all have.

So even if people think they’re not judging you, the reality is they probably are. [click to continue…]

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47439862_sOne of the interesting things about running this blogging challenge is observing what’s going on for me while I am on it.

I don’t say this to be narcissistic.

I am actually interested to find out what makes me tick. This is so I can enjoy my work more, be “in the zone” and become more productive.

I figure if I can focus on enjoying what I do, I become a happier person in general and better to be around.  Hooray I hear my friends say.

So the challenge is that I write a blog post a day for the next 30 days.

I have, in fact, forgotten how many posts I have written, which brings me to the point of this post. [click to continue…]