37927980 - pop art vintage comic. girl phone talk retro backgroundI know I’m like many people when I confess that one of the things I’ve always struggled with, is rejection over the phone.

That’s not good when you’re a recruiter and have to pick up the phone and make a quick connection with someone.

That why someone like Maureen Sharib, telephone sourcer extraordinaire, comes in very handy if you’re looking to source passive talent.

Maureen heads up TechTrack.

Companies hire her to build organisational charts, find names, titles, direct phone numbers and email addresses of people they may want to hire.

Maureen’s known as the pioneer in this area, and well she should be. She’s been doing it for 20 years. [click to continue…]


troy hammondIf you’re in recruitment and finding it a challenge to attract top talent on Seek and LinkedIn, and/or finding it tough to manage the CV’s  that do flood in, then I have some very good news for you.

I’ve just recorded this podcast interview  with Talent Army’s Troy Hammond.

Troy is a featured speaker at this year’s #SOSUAU in Sydney.

For those of you who don’t know #SOSUAU is Australia’s number one talent sourcing event.

Troy is an experienced tech talent sourcer.

He founded Talent Army in 2015 to partner up with tech start-ups to source staff, aiming to offer a more efficient higher quality, and cost effective service than traditional recruitment agencies.

Finding teams for this sector can be hard going as many people are not actively looking, and have typically turned off their email notifications on LinkedIn.

On top of this, people who can quickly their feet in the rapidly evolving, sometimes chaotic world of emerging businesses, can be even rarer.

Troy is so highly regarded amongst his niche, that since he started Talent Army, his team have never needed to make a sales call.

They also very rarely advertise for staff for their clients.

Troy talks to me about: [click to continue…]


If you’re struggling to find quality staff and looking for some fresh innovation and ideas, there’s an event coming up in Sydney I suggest you attend.

It’s Australia’s only summit dedicated to the art and science of sourcing hidden talent.
Featuring real life case studies and expert speakers from around the world, it covers topics such as talent acquisition strategy, social media sourcing, technology and proven pipeline building tactics.

It’s on August 4 in Sydney’s CBD.

At $495 plus GST per ticket it represents exceptional value.

Here’s a link to the website.

Click here to find out more and register.

Just to whet your appetite for what’s going to be on offer, over the next week I am podcast interviewing 3 of the speakers:

Maureen Sharib from TechTrak on the fine art of telephone research and sourcing
Laura Stoker from AIRS, on the latest recruitment sourcing technology
Troy Hammond from Talent Army on talent pipeline development techniques you may have never considered before


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photo (91)I’ve read so much about the benefits of mindfulness and being present lately. But disappointingly much of the discussion seems to be about the benefit for the individual.

Those benefits are all around slowing down and reducing stress.

But what would happen if we practiced that act of mindfulness with someone else?

So when they started to talk, we stilled our minds, and focused on nothing else but trying to understand them.

No interruptions.

No finishing sentences.

No judgments.

No thinking of how we’re going to respond.

We simply shut up and let the other person express themselves in whatever way they needed to, until they needed to finish. [click to continue…]


photo (90)I’ve been running a theme on this blog for the past few months about the importance of wellbeing at work.

As someone who used to get up only once from her seat during the day, and who now bounds out of bed into the pool, I speak like an annoying ex-smoker.

I used to do all sorts of things to trick my mind into getting me into the pool, like telling myself I could get out after 10 or so laps.

Then after I was in the pool, I would tell myself “well now that I’m in the water, I might as well continue.”

Now I don’t need to that stuff.

Having started the dunking habit, I find if I don’t do it, I miss it.

The trick really was, just to get started.

If you’re feeling stressed and think you need a break from work to kick start a positive habit, then I urge you to check out my colleague, Michael Norton’s event Tree Change. [click to continue…]


photo (89)I have a confession to make.

I am in the last few days of my 30 day blog challenge and I missed posting.

I missed posting as I went on the 3 lost children bush walk with a bunch of happy hikers, from a Meet-Up group.

Check out more about this walk here on this award winning blog about bush walking.

Then I came home with a massive energy high, ate 3 bowls of pasta and fell asleep on the couch.

So instead of talking about careers, I thought I’d share a few of the sights I spotted along the way.  [click to continue…]