Overworked, overtired and too stressed to make a career change? Listen to our podcast for 7 proven strategies to feel good about your work (and yourself) again.

by K B , updated on May 19, 2016

frustrationOne of the challenges I’ve experienced in running my business is keeping healthy boundaries in my life.

There’s always something for me to do, and no matter how much great help, support and advice I’ve received, generally nobody cares about the business quite as much as I do. So I always find myself putting in long hours.

I’m not complaining here, mind you.

I  love being completely accountable for something. But for me, 3 years ago, that intensity manifested in a couple of really frightening panic attacks.

This is not an experience I’m keen to repeat. My heart started to race out of control and I truly believed I was not going to be able to take another breath.

That time has passed – thank heaven.

However the experience led me down a path of making some big personal changes in my life and to make a dedicated effort to look after my physical and mental health more.

I see many stress symptoms in my clients as well.

That can be anything from focusing only on the negative when talking about their jobs, thinking that they’re locked into one career because it seems to hard to make a shift, or finding the thought of having to sell themselves in interview too overwhelming.

Stress is proven to stifle innovation.

So, if what I’ve said strikes a chord with you, or if you’re worried about how stress is impacting your work and life, click here to listen to my latest podcast with Career and Leadership Coach, Michael Norton.

As Founder of Odysee Michael works with individuals and organisations to help them develop to their full potential.

Tree HiveLast year he launched a wonderful well being initiative called Tree Hive – which was a day out at a gorgeous retreat, aimed at reconnecting people with nature to help reduce stress, improve well being and increase creativity.

In this podcast Michael provides a wealth of information from his experience working with clients, including 7 proven health and wellness strategies.

It’s packed full of useful ideas and information and it’s been one of the most enjoyable and enlightening podcasts I’ve done to date.

Click here to listen and download.

Oh, and if you’re curious about this picture on the side – it’s me borrowing my brother’s hammock for a mini tree hive for few sunny hours in Briagolong  in Gippsland in Victoria.

Please feel free to be jealous.

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