Why are more men on the move?

by K B , updated on April 15, 2011

Job hunting site CareerOne have released their “Hunting the Hidden Hunters” research this month which showed 700,000 more people looking for work this year, compared to 12 months ago, and some very distinct change among job seekers motivations. They commissioned independent research of 1000 adult job seekers. Curiously they found men to be looking the hardest – as apparently they had become more cautious during the GFC.

The C1 researchers segmented the market, identifying people by what motivates them to change jobs. Here are highlights of the report.

– There is increased job hunting among males. Over 60% are now actively looking or scanning the job market, driven by a desire for more training (+11%), better flexibility – working from home (+11%), greater work life balance – a desire for normal hours (+7%), and a concern for the financial health of the organisation (+7%)

– There are over 200,000 less females are actively looking or scanning job opportunities compared to 2010

– There is a consistent increase among people identifying with the “flexibility” segment. People seeking flexible hours and work life balance are one of the largest segments of the job market

– Those that sought out a supportive work environment during the GFC have now come out of the woods and become more rewards focused

I get the work life balance bit.

Most people I know in middle management and up are working really hard these days – especially Sydneysiders. But the male finding is intriguing. I wonder whether that’s because the industries in which they dominate were hardest hit by cutbacks in the GFC?

All thoughts would be welcome.


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Seán April 10, 2011 at 2:43 am


I, like a lot of my male colleagues, changed jobs last year. About 10+ moved! Part of our behaviour was a bit like a domino effect. A friend changes job for the better makes you think more about when you should look at moving. However, underlying a lot of our moves was the GFC.

While the GFC was a threat we stayed put. Families and mortgages dampen your apetite for risk. Especially if your wife doesn’t work or on maternaty leave. When the GFC was no longer a concern we had three years of unresolved desire to move and career growth. Naturally our moves create vacancies so a move begat others to move.

BTW. great blog.



karalyn April 10, 2011 at 3:53 am

Thanks for the comment, Sean and your support!

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