Know nobody and looking for a job? Why not crowd source your networking and let people come to you.

by K B , updated on June 11, 2016

meet-upWhen you’re looking for a job it’s easy to lose yourself in the stress of it all.

When you’re stressed I think you lose the creative part of your brain, that helps you think of new ideas that might help you with your predicament.

Which is why I’m here…to rescue you.

Actually I’m not here to rescue you.

I can’t make anything happen for you.

I can however, give you ideas that can help.

I have been doing a few Meet-Ups lately, both for business and fun.  I love them, as you can find a Meet-Up for any sort of hobby you may have.

I’ve met some really inspiring and vibrant people, particularly the organizers of the groups. They’re the type of people who have an interest and draw people around them who have similar interests.

One organizer I spoke to, who had his own business, said that he found the hobby based meet-ups to be terrific for business leads as it was amazing how people know other people. He’d long since stopped advertising his business.

Another organizer was looking for a new job, and found the community she had created were really supportive and constantly giving her ideas.

And one person, whom I think is truly motivational, had arrived in the country three weeks before he set up his Meet-up. His was around being more productive.

In setting up the Meet-up he had an instant network of type-a people who were interested in productivity hacks.

There are so many sites that allow people with the same interests to gather in the one spot.

Three that come to mind are LinkedIn Groups,  Facebook Groups and Meet-Ups, that if you have a niche business, professional or personal interest, and you’re looking to meet like minded individuals – you really have no excuse to get started.

Attitude counts for a lot when you’re looking for a job.

You don’t really need anyone’s permission to get started, do you?

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