Is willpower a finite resource? And what does that mean for you, if you’re looking for a job in your “spare” time?

by K B , updated on June 7, 2016

47439862_sOne of the interesting things about running this blogging challenge is observing what’s going on for me while I am on it.

I don’t say this to be narcissistic.

I am actually interested to find out what makes me tick. This is so I can enjoy my work more, be “in the zone” and become more productive.

I figure if I can focus on enjoying what I do, I become a happier person in general and better to be around.  Hooray I hear my friends say.

So the challenge is that I write a blog post a day for the next 30 days.

I have, in fact, forgotten how many posts I have written, which brings me to the point of this post.

I find myself writing these blogs late in the evening, sometimes after going out, sometimes after a long day working on other people’s projects, where normally my creative energy flags.

Even though it’s late and I’m tired, I’m finding myself more inspired and the words are flowing freely.

From all that I have read, it seems that the jury is out on whether willpower is a finite resource. It also seems that the way you view a challenge may actually impact whether you gain energy from that challenge.

If you think your willpower is a limited resource, you may find the task as energy depleting.

If you thing engaging with a project will be energizing, you’ll find it recharges you.

(I’ll need to take back what I said on this post about motivational quotes not working)

Read more about these ideas here.

So what does this mean if you’re struggling to sit down and apply for that next role, or go out to that night time networking event?

According to the authors of the article I just mentioned, you can find the motivation and energy if you tell yourself things like you’re going to enjoy it, and trick your brain into finding it recharging.

So ho ho ho here we go, looks like it really does work.

The other thing worth mentioning here is the idea of having bigger picture goals as a motivational tools. In my mind I’m blogging to reach out and help more people, build up my network, position my business as a channel for recruitment and provide support to my network.

These goals are motivating in themselves.

From a job hunting perspective your goal could be to create a better life for yourself and those around you who are meaningful.

Another important driver for getting things done is accountability.

I’ve made this blogging challenge as public as I possibly can.

While I don’t think anyone will be counting my posts, I know I am motivated by not letting people down. So a public promise helps me keep this commitment.

If you’re looking for a role you might want to find an accountability buddy. Someone you can check in with or who checks up on you from time to time. You could make it more interesting by making your goals public, with family and friends.

You also want to think about surrounding yourself with people who are supportive.

There’s research out there that says happiness is a contagious.

And as I mentioned before, it appears happy people are more productive.

That’s it from me now.

You’ll hear from me next at 3 am!

Nah, I think I’m kidding on this one. I’m not quite THAT motivated.


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