“Funny” Job Candidates and the Recruiters that “go public” with their story

by Richard , updated on May 20, 2016

I know when you read this blog that some of you may accuse me of being either:

1. the Grinch that stole Christmas or,
2. completely humourless or,
3. the original party pooper.

But I’m afraid I have to take that risk because this is something that I feel very passionate about.

Last time I checked, one of the basic tenants of being a Recruitment Consultant or HR Professional was that candidate information (including the candidate assessment process) is strictly confidential.

In fact recruiters when joining a new company will typically be asked to sign a candidate confidentiality agreement.

And yet, I have but to Google “funny candidate interview” and a veritable online tsunami of stories from Recruiters and Human Resources professionals floods my screen.

I can then choose from a smorgasbord of juicy and delicious tidbits that may include quotes from job candidates that the recruiter found amusing, “strange” and “unusual” candidate behaviour or perhaps some left-of-centre resume information.

Interestingly though I don’t often find any whiff of a suggestion that the candidate has been counselled by the recruiter to get them back on the path towards their goals.

The candidate often as not appears to have simply been written off and I suspect has then become an anecdote to be shared around (and far beyond it would seem) the water cooler.

Two questions spring to mind.

1. What message do we think this behaviour sends to our clients (employers and employees)?

2. Does this behaviour promote or undermine our clients’ trust and respect?

I sit here rather nervously awaiting your response.

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