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by K B , updated on June 14, 2016

photo (90)I’ve been running a theme on this blog for the past few months about the importance of wellbeing at work.

As someone who used to get up only once from her seat during the day, and who now bounds out of bed into the pool, I speak like an annoying ex-smoker.

I used to do all sorts of things to trick my mind into getting me into the pool, like telling myself I could get out after 10 or so laps.

Then after I was in the pool, I would tell myself “well now that I’m in the water, I might as well continue.”

Now I don’t need to that stuff.

Having started the dunking habit, I find if I don’t do it, I miss it.

The trick really was, just to get started.

If you’re feeling stressed and think you need a break from work to kick start a positive habit, then I urge you to check out my colleague, Michael Norton’s event Tree Change.

The title of my blog post tells you what it’s all about.

It’s it’s a full day event, on July the 6th, starting at 9am.

I did this last year in the cranky pre-Christmas season, and found myself appreciating just how important green space is to my sense of peace.

Click here for more information.


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