Change Project Week 1.5 Update: Momentum (and checklists) = Motivation

by K B , updated on January 16, 2017

Last week I wrote a blog post on my own personal happiness project.

The aim was to keep me accountable for the actions I wanted to take.

These were:

– Write down 3 things I have enjoyed the previous day
– Write down 3 positive things about people I have met
– Write down 3 things I have accomplished (positive only)
– 30 minutes of exercise
– 20 minutes of meditation
– One act of kindness where I expect nothing in return
– Have that extra glass of wine if it helps 😉

The idea was that momentum creates motivation, and that there are small changes that I could make that would increase my sense of well-being.

As much as I hate to admit this, but the most surprising motivator I have found has been having a printed check list that I have kept out on my desk as a reminder.

While I have not been able to do the meditation bit on the list (something about actually stopping for 30 minutes stops me ;-)), I have had a good crack at everything else. (The wine bit was a no-brainer.)

There’s been the unexpected outcome for me that the many ticks on the list serve as a visible reminder that I am a motivated person, and to stop being so hard on myself.

In terms of impact on my well-being I have sometimes found myself more present in that I do find myself seeing, smelling and hearing more without having to remind myself to do this.

I’m not able just yet to do handstands in Melbourne lane ways, but I’ll report back if I do.



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