How to find a job in Australia

If you are new to Australia, finding a job in Australia can be more than challenging.

There’s the language to master, the recruitment system to navigate and the concerns of employers that you have no local experience.

I always receive many questions from overseas professionals on how to find a job in Australia, without local experience.

I have written and spoken on this topic for many years, including this article I wrote for the Australian newspaper, where I joked that Bill Gates would not get a job in Australia without local experience. Take a read here .

I have compiled a list of all our most popular posts on how to find a job in Australia. The latest ones are at the top of the list.

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If you read these and still think your job hunt in Australia seems too hard, too confusing, and/or too time consuming, you are not alone. That’s why our clients come to us.

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Here are our most popular posts on how to find a job in Australia