Calling All Coaches: Get your #SoMojo on and join me to smash social media.

by K B , updated on June 8, 2017

Psst…. do you want to give your social media activities a boost, but need some inspiration and/or motivation?

Perhaps you’d like some feedback from other professionals about the content you’d like to put out?

I am a big believer that momentum creates motivation, not the other way around.

So I am running a social media mojo booster #SoMojo as part of my Meetup group – Career IQ  so we can all accelerate our impact social media.


I have set up this Meetup group to meet like minded professionals who are in the coaching and professional development space – whether that be career development, executive coaching, interview coaching, resume writing and so on.

So I invite you to come join me Friday June 23 at the State Library in Melbourne, from 10 am to 12 pm for some #SoMojo.

Or if you wish, join us via skype.

Click here to find out more.

To join us on Friday, you’ll need to join my meet-up here.

Here’s what might happen if you start to get active….

For me over the past 7 odd years I have gained immense rewards being active with my business in social media.

On top of a steady stream of clients from across the globe, I have gained a big network, been invited to speak at conferences, asked to comment in the media, tested business ideas, made some amazing friends and been able to support other people in a way that would not be otherwise possible.

Here’s what will happen…

First 90 Minutes

• I’ll share some secrets behind some of my popular blog posts.

• We all produce one piece of content – whether that be a post for Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog/website, Facebook live video, youtube video or the like.

• You can get feedback from another person to improve your content

Last 30 Minutes

• We can share each other’s work through our social channels

The aim of this meet up to to support each others efforts in social media, and help our businesses grow.

Please note: There is absolutely no obligation to share other people’s stuff if it is not appropriate to your audience. And the only loose rules around this group are that we respect each other’s efforts and are honest with other about the content we create.

So get your #SoMojo on and click here to join me.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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