Blogspotter 9 – Women……Working and Winning!

by Richard , updated on May 11, 2013

With women making up such a significant part of our workforce and the glass ceiling still very much an issue for many we thought it was time to provide some female-centric blogs.

In our first article we see that more women are heading home from work but not to be housewives.  Natalie MacNeil over at Forbes explains why Entrepreneurship Is the New Women’s Movement.  As a matter of fact women have tended to start businesses more than men for quite some time!

How can women get ahead and push past that glass ceiling? In Rules for Women to Climb the Career Ladder, Lisa Quast explains how to know what you want and then go for it.

Next up is a sore subject that’s been debated since the 70’s….”What would you choose….. your family or your career?”  Tunnette Powell has news for you in Family or Career is a False Ultimatum.

A good question for a woman on the fast track: “Does your spouse or significant other realise what you are doing is important?” Career Diva ponders this question in Gals! Want to be a CEO? Get a house husband.

For resources, interviews, advice and just good old plain women’s intuition, please take a look at Paula Gregorowicz’s Roundup – 25 Career and Business Women Bloggers Worth Reading You can follow Paula @Paulag01 .


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