Blog Spotter Six

by Richard , updated on September 10, 2012

Its still Kool a bit Kwerky and always Kwestioning . . . . . we’ve found what’s good for you!

Hello and welcome to the Year of the Dragon! I’ve ferociously hunted down what’s frighteningly hot in the Careers, HR and Recruitment blogosphere.

Let’s open the new year with a smart pithy piece from Ask a Manager.  I’d suggest Alison Green’s what should a new manager ask to get to know their employees better, is also sage advice for more seasoned managers and any employee.  You can follow Alison on twitter @AskAManager.

On a lighter but still informative note Anita Bruzzese informs us What to do When You Make a Fool of Yourself in Front of Colleagues.  Sobering advice…….thanks Anita!

OK, it’s short and sweet, but maybe that’s why it’s so good!  In a few well chosen words Maureen Anderson reminds us how important it is to be faithful to our most cherished desires.  It’s so easy to get distracted in today’s world of technological distractions from what’s really important to you.  Thanks for the poke in the ribs Maureen.

How To Show An Employer That You Are Well Rounded may just give you that different perspective needed for your job hunt.  It’s so easy to fall into the trap of focusing too much on particular strengths whilst losing sight of the value to employers of a broad skill set.  Anna Runyan’s words of advice may just widen your field of vision.   You can follow Anna on twitter @classycareer.

This is just pure positivity.  Nothing more to say except watch and enjoy!  The Future Belongs to the Curious.

Now that I’ve turbo-charged your positivity, let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on how Confidence is a Numbers Game. Even the most successful people can lack confidence and here’s a useful tip to combat that tendency.  Now men before you complain that Jodie Glickman’s blog is only aimed at women, I think it relates just as well to anyone who experiences a seed of doubt.  You can follow Jodie on twitter @greatonthejob.


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