Blog Spotter Eight

by Richard , updated on September 10, 2012

Here’s what I’ve found for you that’s funny, interesting and clever in the Careers, HR and Recruitment blogosphere.

This week’s blogspotter features articles of interest to employees as well as employers. They’re all about promoting happiness and peace of mind at work.  They’ll show you that exercising choices and taking responsibility for your own career can substantially improve your workplace motivation.

First we have the Alternatives to Quitting Your Job by Tim Smith from that gives you ideas you can use if things are bad at work. Sometimes you have no option but to try and find an in-job solution. These tips will help you to consider alternatives before you decide to quit.

Gossips, passive aggressive types, drama queens or the narcissist …….we’ve all experienced toxic workmates. Learning about their subtle manipulations can help you gain a measure of control over your circumstances and your own reactions.  A positive atmosphere at work isn’t alway possible so Toxic Leaders or Employees by Dr. Annette Rote at can help you learn how to cope.

Drama at Work by Laurie Ruettimann at Cynical Girl asks the question “Are co-workers like family?” And do we really want to consider our workplace a family unit anyway?  Some companies are proud when they proclaim they are” just like a family” but it may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Like Laurie, I actually like most of my family but I really don’t want to work with them!

The last two articles focus on leadership and quality of work life.

As a leader are you leading the way or are you in-the-way? Here are 3 Quick Questions to Help Leaders Get Out of the Way by Bill Tolany at SmartBlog on Leadership.

How motivated are your workers? 15 successful young entrepreneurs share their secrets to keeping their employees happy and promoting loyalty to the company in 15 Ideas for Keeping Your Employees Happy.


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